Worn by Hiromitsu Kitayama on TV GUIDE alpha

TV GUIDE alphaにて北山宏光様ご着用

Accessories worn by Hiromitsu Kitayama

Released on April 22nd TV GUIDE alpha

We had you wear some accessories of NARRATIVE PLATOON.
Necklaces and ear cuffs are items that can be used casually, so please check them out in the magazine.

accessories you wear

Streamline ear cuffs
It is worn for cover styling and end styling. 

Description of item

Streamline ear cuffs

item: ear cuff
material: silver-925
size: free (one ear)

Ear cuffs with a slightly streamlined form made of silver925.
It is an item that you can use simply without overstating it.

It is worn in the cover styling. 

Description of item


item: necklace
material: silver-925
color: silver
size: free

A combination necklace that combines two types of 925 silver chains.
You can freely adjust the size by sliding the adjustment frame.

You can use it with either front or back, so it is an item that will change your styling and give you playfulness.