Men's PREPPY July issue Worn by Kyohei Takahashi

Men's PREPPY 7月号 高橋恭平様ご着用

Mr. Kyohei Takahashi from Naniwa Danshi is wearing NARRATIVEPLATOON ear cuffs on the men's preppy medium page.

Please check it out on the magazine.

accessories you wear

On the middle page, you are wearing ear cuffs with stones.

The ear cuff is attached near the earlobe for styling.

The basic specification is to wear the earrings near the earlobes and the ear cuffs near the middle of the ear.

To the product page: Meteo pierce/earcuff Oval

item: pierce or earcuff
material: silver-925/meteorite
color: silver
size: free (for one ear)
Parts part diameter: about 12mm
Stone part: Height: 14mm / Width: 12mm

Mini earrings or ear cuffs with stones with a 12mm size pull ring motif.
It is an item with a presence that hangs meteorite (meteorite), which is characterized by a random diagonal pattern.
This is an oval type.

The slightly hard impression of meteorite is recommended as a stone that is suitable for men and is suitable for hanging around the ear.