smart March issue: worn by Yoshinori Masakado of Ae group

smart3月号:Aぇ group正門良規様ご着用

In the March issue of smart, Mr. Yoshinori Seikado of the Ae group wears a NARRATIVEPLATOON necklace.

It is a collar necklace that can be recommended from early spring.
It is also worn on the middle page, so please check it out in the magazine.

wear necklace



A necklace made from colorful vulcanic beads recycled from record discs.
The combination with the silver 925 chain adds sophistication.

It is a coloring that makes you feel a retro chic texture even though it is colorful.

It is an item that we would like you to enjoy the color that makes you feel pop just by wearing it.

You can also adjust the length with the adjuster.

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In addition, ear cuffs are also posted on the special hair and makeup page.

Ear cuffs worn

Slice ear cuff

These ear cuffs have a flat shape that looks like slices.
This item features sharp lines with an edge.

There are two types of colors. Only the cross section of the side mats is finished in a matte finish, giving a more polished mirror finish to the outer periphery.
The mirror surface color is finished with a long mirror surface, and the color ring gives you a sense of the texture of silver.

flat ear cuffs


Ear cuffs with a flat shape made of silver925.
By providing many ground surfaces, it is easy to wear on the lower earlobe, making it a simple and easy-to-use ear cuff.
It is not too hard and can be used with a sophisticated impression, so it is recommended for both men and women.


Please check it out on the magazine.