Worn by Hokuto Matsumura: CanCam

cancam 松村北斗様着用

Hokuto Matsumura wore a choker necklace in the January issue of CanCam.

The model you will wear this time will be a gold color type.

A necklace that can be adjusted from a short size, so you can wear it with your favorite size.

The magazine has worn it beautifully, so please check it out in the magazine.

CanCam January issue

Necklace worn by Hokuto Matsumura

TECHNO choker necklace BOLD


An irregular short necklace using a thick square chain.

You can wear it in a stylish atmosphere with a structured chain.
The size can be fine-tuned with the adjuster slide parts, and it can be used as a choker that fits snugly around the neck or as a short necklace.

Each brass chain has a silver coating and a K18 gold coating.