[Recommended by the brand] Standard men's signet ring for pinky finger

【ブランドからのすすめ】小指の定番  メンズシグネットリング


"Keeping the form of the signet ring as it is"

The signet ring is said to have the oldest history among men's jewelry.
It is one of the traditional rings known to have been worn by European aristocrats with engraved crests.

It is one of the most popular standard accessories among men's accessories.

We would like to introduce a signet ring, which is one of the most popular ring shapes even today.

The signet ring is a standard item that is very popular as a men's ring.
At NARRATIVEPATOON, it is proposed as a reverse item with a three-dimensional recess while maintaining the traditional silhouette and atmosphere.

Please take a look at the rings that incorporate details that cannot be found in other brands.

The collection is characterized by a form that is unique to signet rings and a design that makes you feel assertive when you wear it on your pinky finger.

-Round type/Small-

This is a mini type of round signet ring with just the right amount of volume when worn on the original pinky finger of the signet ring.

It is a recommended ring with variations in universality.

The central part is hollowed out in a diamond-cut shape to create a three-dimensional effect.

By smudging the center black, it is sublimated into a signet ring that can be used casually.

-Round Type/Large-

I think it would be interesting to add some volume to the pinky finger as it would make a difference. The large type signet ring has a round part on the entire surface that gives it a more presence.
I think it's very fresh to put one big swing only on your little finger, so I'd like you to try it.

-Square Type/Large-

The large type is recommended for those who want more volume.

This is produced in the standard square type form

The ring has an edgy design and gives a sophisticated impression.

An item that enhances the sense of mode by finishing the center part white

-College ring-

The last pick-up item is a college ring type.

Among the signet rings, we also produce independently popular college rings in a unique arrangement unique to the brand.

A classic ring that combines a sense of volume and ruggedness, and is finished with an item that adds a sense of mode.