Accessories worn by Singto


Thai actor Singto wore NARRATIVEPLATOON accessories.
It is worn in photobooks, TV Bros.WEB , etc.
NOISE NECKLACE is a purchase model.

Please check it out in the magazine etc. along with the styling.

Necklace worn by Singto

Accessories worn: NOISE NECKLACE

A combination necklace that combines two types of 925 silver chains.
You can freely adjust the size by sliding the adjustment frame.

You can use it with either front or back, so it is an item that will change your styling and give you playfulness.

This item is the model you purchased as is.

It is worn in type02ver for wearing in the magazine.

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Accessories worn: Streamline ear cuff

Ear cuffs with a slightly streamlined form made of silver925.
It is an item that you can use simply without overstating it.

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Accessories worn: Reverse Signet ring Round

A circular signet ring with a large diamond cut in the center.
This is an item that has been arranged with the concept of NARRATIVE PLATOON, which is a normal signet ring that is set with stones or is flat.
It is a ring that gives a presence and a sophisticated impression.