Worn by Tomohiro Kamiyama: anan NO.2323

神山智洋様ご着用:anan NO.2323

Johnny's WEST's Tomohiro Kamiyama wore a choker necklace for No.2323 anan.

A short type necklace that can be worn around the neck for a wonderful look. Please check it out on the magazine.


anan wear necklace

anan Necklace worn by Tomohiro Kamiyama

TECHNO choker necklace BOLD


An irregular short necklace using a thick square chain.

You can wear it in a stylish atmosphere with a structured chain.
The size can be fine-tuned with the adjuster slide parts, and it can be used as a choker that fits snugly around the neck or as a short necklace.

Each brass chain has a silver coating and a K18 gold coating.