non-no Necklace worn by Takuya Eguchi

non-no 江口拓也様ご着用ネックレス

Takuya Eguchi wore a necklace in the November issue of non-no.

A long chain necklace that can be easily attached.

It's long, so it's an item that is easy to style in the coming season.

Please check the magazine for the styling as well.

<Necklace worn by Takuya Eguchi>


A combination necklace that combines two types of 925 silver chains.
TYPE01 can be freely adjusted in size by sliding the adjustment piece.

You can use it with either front or back, so it is an item that will change your styling and give you playfulness.

The slender chain can be twisted to create a unique squeaky line with a sense of noise, adding interest.

It is an item that allows you to use it smoothly and enhance your assertiveness moderately.

Please wear TYPE.01.